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Wildlife Crossings

FDOT ArcGIS Wildlife Crossings Link – From this site you can access details on the FDOT infrastructure that wildlife use to avoid roads. These include a variety of bridges and culverts, some of which were designed for wildlife, and others which serve as coincidental crossings. Many of these have photo archives with video and stills of wildlife using the crossings. Like this Bear crossing under SR29

Landowner Resources

Mapping Resources

Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital The Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory is a searchable storehouse of empirical studies on the economic value of environmental assets and human health effects.

Policy/Advocacy Toolkit

Recreational Links

Papers, Reports & Presentations

Florida 2070 Report by 1000 Friends of Florida and the UF GeoPlan Center
The History of Florida Wildlife Corridor Science and Planning Efforts by Tom Hoctor, Reed Noss, Richard Hilsenbeck, Joe Guthrie, and Carlton Ward, Jr.
UF Center for Landscape Conservation Planning Resources
Protecting Wild Florida: Preserving the Best and Last Wilderness of Florida, Forever Presented by Dr. Richard Hilsenbeck PLAM 2007 Sarasota, Florida Critical Habitat for Biodiversity

Scientific Research and Listed Species Information

Agency sites Florida Office of Greenways and Trails Florida Regional Councils Association
Archbold Biological Station Research Overview page

Growth and Population

Land Acquisition

Other Wildlife Corridor Orgs and Sites

General Florida Metrics