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January 2021 The Wild Divide Film Release


February 2020 8,000 new acres now protected within the Corridor
May 2020 Learn to Draw the Florida Black Bear
July 2020 Headway for Corridors Locally and Across the Nation
October 2020 Oct News: Wild Dark Skies, Tent Talks, & Toll Roads
December 2020 Good news to close out the year 


January 2019 Join Us in Welcoming Our New Executive Director!
February 2019 How Florida’s black bears navigate the Corridor…Roads and all
March 2019 Connecting Your Little Ones to the World Around Them
April 2019 The Corridor’s Garden got a Little Bigger
May 2019 Spring Explorations through Wild Florida
June 2019 Seeking Leaders to Protect the Corridor
July 2019 Check Out Our New T-Shirt Design!
August 2019 “Condors” in the Corridor
October 2019 See what we’ve done on our 2019 Ranch2Ridge Expedition
December 2019 Why is it important to link fragmented habitats? We’ve got the answer


January 2018 Meet you at the Starting Line
February 2018 The Corridor Meets the Capitol!
March 2018 Recruiting for the Choir
June 2018 Learning from Others
July 2018 Celebrating Freedom in Wild Florida
August 2018 A Message From the Founder and President
October 2018 Summer’s End and Warm Welcomes
November 2018 Thankful for wild Florida
December 2018 From Our Family to Yours


January 2017 Wild Resolutions for 2017
February 2017 February is for the birds!
March 2017 Suwannee Under the Stars
April 2017 Wild Florida Needs Your Voice!
May 2017 Your Support is Critical to Protecting Wild Florida
June 2017 Taking Steps to Protect Wild Florida
July 2017 Celebrate Your Freedom to Explore Wild Florida
August 2017 Discovering Treasures on Florida’s Nature Coast
September 2017 Tell Us Your Florida Story
October 2017 In seek of resiliency – and a bit of fun!
November 2017 Giving Thanks for those that Conserve Wild Florida
December 2017 Wild Florida is the Present for our Future


June 2016 FL Wildlife Corridor: June Newsletter
July 2016 FL Wildlife Corridor: July Newsletter
August 2016 FL Wildlife Corridor: August Newsletter
September 2016 FL Wildlife Corridor: September Newsletter!
October 2016 Envisioning Florida’s Future
November 2016 Giving Tuesday, BLUE Ocean, and More!
December 2016 Happy Holidays from Florida Wildlife Corridor!


January 2015 Expedition Update
February 2015 Newsletter 3 weeks in, spring focused
February 2015 Black Bear Newsletter Nature Coast, Chaz Bears
February 2015 Expedition Update E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center “Black Bear Affair”, Grayton Beach State Parks Coastal Dunes paddle,
March 3, 2015 Expedition UpdateApalachicola oystermen, Blackwater River State Park paddle,
March 16, 2015 Expedition Update Gulf Island Nat’l Seashore, journey conclusion
June 2015 Expedition Newsletter



January 24, 2012 Newsletter
February 2, 2012 Newsletter
February 9, 2012 Newsletter
February 16, 2012 Newsletter
February 23, 2012 Newsletter
March 1, 2012 Newsletter
March 8, 2012 Newsletter Defenders of Wildlife article
March 15, 2012 Newsletter alleged president article WUSF
March 22, 2012 Newsletter Attorney General Pam Bondi and Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam paddled St. John’s River
March 29, 2012 Newsletter International Corridor article
April 5, 2012 Newsletter I-4 barrier, Blue Springs
April 12, 2012 Newsletter Carlton Nat Geo feature
April 19, 2012 Newsletter Olustee National Park, Camp Blanding
April 25, 2012 Newsletter TBT article
December 2012 Newsletter